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Mr. Johnson's Soul • femination

How can you sleep at night? We are all wondering, as you toss back a smug, “quite well, thank you.”  Just how you sleep so soundly with all the innocent’s dying and suffering and suffering and dying in their hundreds and thousands and hundreds of thousands as a result of your callous disregard for life. Truly, your choice to do nothing is now, as I write, in this moment, as you read, allowing evil to succeed at the murder of innocents. So let us think about your choices by the yardstick you offered up as your guidepost, Mister Johnson.

I do hope for your sake, that the dead do sleep soundly and the hope of life in the ever after is for naught, lest, for you, all this happy sleeping in life will be bought with eternally damned screams – or at the very least an equivalent number of nights screaming for all the time lost from each of the souls you made yourself personally responsible for when you traded honor and mercy for personal gain under the hopelessly repulsive oaf you constantly choose to elevate over innocents in their hundreds of thousands perhaps even millions. How many nights of  eternal damnation will you have traded by the end of this world of flesh and bone where you have made the choice to do nothing and allow evil to flourish.  Do you not know that this vile being you are following is not at all concerned with a single soul outside his quite rotund corpulent perimeter.

Ironic that when you chose action over idleness you still caused suffering. It never occurred to you that perhaps your simplistic judgment  couldn’t stand in for the judgment of women and doctors and fathers and others?   You decided to “save”  bits of flesh that a soul never belonged to from the dire choices made by people who actually loved the potential it represented and knew everything about the context of such a choice. I suppose you are thinking you ought to stand in for God!  How could God decide we should all have options and make choices that are sometimes difficult and painful?! It’s so good of you, who knows better than God, to correct that mistake! If it’s the greater good for the greater number you’re after, you are failing miserably. The soulless flesh you have worked so hard to “save” from suffering could not feel and did not know, while the suffering your “salvation” brought was born by so many women and those who care about them. 

I suppose you must believe one of the monsters you’ve chosen to live by when he said, “leadership requires that you kill people…”, but it doesn’t really have to if you are leading for any “ right” or “good” reasons. I suppose that’s the lie you’ve told yourself to justify the endless trail of blood and suffering you have left in your wake. 

I wonder, is that what Jesus would do?  But maybe that’s no longer the “god” you follow. Oh well, I hope for all our sakes – and for the balance of misery and happiness to innocence and responsibility – that there IS an ever after. Because you and yours have been so busy putting your wretched thumbs on the scale in the name of that evil clown, I fear eternity is what it will take to rectify your crimes against humanity.

Luckily for you, there is still hope, but you’ll have to move swiftly if you don’t want to make the damage any more permanent than it already is. 

Send the aid to Ukraine. 

Make sure our government does not close, because it is still the last best hope of humanity. 

Do your best to allow experts and individuals closest to a situation to make choices about it, because they care and it’s their right (on earth and in heaven). Do not support evil in leadership, because… the children are watching. 

And, while God might use imperfect people and events for good, He does not encourage us to put the worst example of humanity into the highest office in the land willingly.  

It’s just not what we were taught in those long hours on hard pews. 

May God save your soul.

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