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What if we had a place where women could share thoughts, feelings, hopes, fears, ambitions, and frustrations, without dread? What if we could be free to debate contentious issues without worry that a troll bot would start an argument just to provoke anger and anxiety? What if we shared photos of family, friends, ourselves, without seeing them end up on a Google search, even though we thought our posts were private? seeks to build a place that empowers women through trust, privacy, courtesy, and mutual support. If you are here, it’s because we know you. And we trust you to invite only those you know and trust to something better than a social network—a global community of women, helping women to help each other for the betterment of ourselves and our ever shrinking world. Write. Post. Inspire.

Chairwoman Alice Paul, second from left, and officers of the National Woman's Party hold a banner with a Susan B. Anthony quote in front of the NWP headquarters in Washington, D.C., in June 1920.

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