July 24, 2019

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Chloe Zhao Goes ‘Nude’ for the Oscars

Perhaps it’s her privileged background as heir to a 21st century expat Chinese industrialist—or maybe it’s just carefully cultivated irreverence, but Chloe Zhao’s ‘natural’ turn at the 93rd Oscar’s is drawing notice from Beijing to Britain. Chloe Zhao sans make-up at the   https://qz.com/2002409/chloe-zhaos-oscars-look-challenges-chinas--standards/      

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How a ‘feminist’ foreign policy would change the world

Rollie Lal, George Washington University and Shirley Graham, George Washington University   The Biden administration has a woman, Vice President Kamala Harris, in its second-highest position, and 61% of White House appointees are women. Now, it has declared its intention to “protect and empower women around the world.” Gender equity and a gender agenda are two ingredients of a “feminist

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Women were successful big-game hunters, challenging beliefs about ancient gender roles

Vivek Venkataraman, University of Calgary Archeological evidence from Peru has revealed that some ancient big-game hunters were, in fact, women, challenging what science writer James Gorman wrote was “one of the most widely held tenets about ancient hunters and gatherers — that males hunted and females gathered.” “Man the Hunter” is a narrative of human origins developed by early 20th-century

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