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fear. no more. What if we no longer feared fashion? what if we favored the fabulous? what if our bodies were more than lumps of flesh molded by those whose fears fashioned our anguish physically, mentally, and financially?  poetry creativity

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dare to design. to dance, to train, to defy gravity, to reach beyond this dimension into another realm, to fly (ever higher), to soar above the barre, the stage, the world of civilians (down below).  from the age of three

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ariana sexton-hughes

team editor A native New Yorker, ariana sexton-hughes writes to heal. As a writer and editor, ariana prefers verse to prose—but her virtual red pencil is savage in its vengefulness, regardless of form. Her first book of poetry will be

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Zoe Cohl

Facebook Twitter Linkedin Icon-email As founder and editor-in-chief of femination Zoë Cohl combines her love of language, arts, and design, with her passion for activism and dedication to human advancement through science. In her role as consultant and content advisor

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Coming Soon(ish)

wanted: Feminists ready to make some noise — be it prose, poetry, art, science, or just angry screeds. Join our femination, a global community of artists, activists, intellectuals, and entrepreneurs, driven to make a better universe contact © 2020 by

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