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Femination.org is a virtual salon. But, ours is no place to merely rest, relax, and ruminate. No. Femination is here to motivate, activate, and maximize the voices of women—worldwide.

Join us. Magnify your fights against sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, oppression—and hate in all of its insidious forms—with wit, wisdom, and resolve.

We seek nothing less than a healthier, more equitable, more evolved, more feminist world for all.


Zoe Cohl

Zoe Cohl


ariana sexton-hughes

ariana sexton-hughes

Editorial Director


Feminists: are you ready to make some noise — prose, poetry, art, science, or just angry screeds? Join our Femination, a global community of artists, activists, intellectuals, and entrepreneurs, driven to make a better universe​

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