we have the right to heal. so, write to heal.

we thought we were alone. to ourselves. journaling. recounting. remembering. forgetting. writing to hope. writing for help. writing for grades. for money. for status. for love. for more. for me, writing has been a journey of discovery, finding myself, finding others—finding that we are not alone. femination was born of our individual journeys. The more we wrote, the more we understood the need to connect with others in a new way. we want to hear your voices, your , your prose, your reportage, your ideals, your anger, your pride, your . together, we can make a safer space, a creative space, an inspiring, exalted space for feminists, for womyn—worldwide. ours shall be a femination. a nation of women bound by our love of each other, and our planet.

— ariana + Zoe + Chloe + you

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