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Feminist Trolls Flood Republican Legislator’s Facebook Pages, and So Can You

I’ve never been much of an internets troll, that is, until this morning. The new feminist blog on the Washington Post, She the People, reports how thousands of women (and some men) have… Continue reading

National March Against The War On Women: 4/28/12

From The ObamaCrat: United Against The War On Women: Has local, national and international Facebook group links with dates and places. Check it out! We’ll keep an eye out for this event as… Continue reading

Mother Jones: “Dear Rush Limbaugh: Birth Control Doesn’t Work Like Viagra”

Mother Jones: “Dear Rush Limbaugh: Birth Control Doesn’t Work Like Viagra”

From Mother Jones, By Juliana Jiménez

We hinted at this in a previous post, the embarrassing fact that Rush Limbaugh does not understand how  birth control works, and as Rachel Maddow points out, neither does Mitt Romney. What is also particularly painful is the awful irony, the long-standing injustice, that Viagra has long been covered by health insurance, while birth control is not. Yes, lets all have more sex without birth control, because clearly the earth is running out of people.  

Rush Limbaugh Apologizes, Too Little, Too Late

It was too late for Rush Limbaugh. Maybe it was the petition we posted here in Femination, maybe it was the brave and awe-inspiring media backlash, Obama’s condemnation, or the six advertisers that pulled… Continue reading

Petition to Denounce Rush Limbaugh

By Juliana Jiménez The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has this online petition for Rush Limbaugh to apologize for his recent comments on Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown law student who testified in favor of contraception.… Continue reading

Rush Limbaugh Calls her a ‘Slut’, Obama Calls her and says “Your Parents Should be Proud”

By Juliana Jiménez Sandra Fluke is the Georgetown Law student who was denied testifying in the Contraception Congress hearing, the famous one with all the dudes, because she wasn’t relevant. Later, Democrats held… Continue reading

Catholic Contraception Delusion

By Juliana Jiménez The Obama administration announced  on Jan. 20 that all FDA-approved forms of contraception must be covered by most insurers without a co-pay, co-insurance or a deductible paid by the patient, starting Aug. 1, 2012. The… Continue reading

Seven Billion – NYTimes.com

By Juliana Jiménez Some interesting facts on the condition of women worldwide arise out of this NYT article on whether the Earth can sustain Seven Billion people, a population count we are predicted to hit today: Most of… Continue reading