El problema podría ser la esposa de tu jefe

Por: Andrea Alarcon Un nuevo estudio explica como los hombres con matrimonios tradicionales, es decir, casados con una ama de casa, suelen ver a sus compañeras de trabajo con el mismo lente con… Continue reading

Can domestic traditionalists be organizational egalitarians? The answer is no.

By: Andrea Alarcon Expecting women co-workers to take care of office parties? Bake the cake for the monthly birthday celebration? Subconscious discrimination is still discrimination. We have all seen and experienced this, and… Continue reading

Femicide on the Rise in Latin America

By Juliana Jiménez Jaramillo Violence against women has been on the rise in the last decade in Latin America, from Mexico to Colombia, down south to Argentina. In 2009, sexual harassment on Mexico City buses was so… Continue reading

Read-It Round-Up 5/9/12

By Juliana Jimenez Cracked.com: 4 Reasons Commercials Are Sexist (Against Men) — Not what you’d expect. Excellent writing and captioning for true satire of the 21st Century. http://www.cracked.com/blog/4-reasons-commercials-are-sexist-against-men/ Change.org: Petition from 14-year-old girl… Continue reading

Read-It Round-Up May 8, 2012

By Juliana Jimenez Elle Magazine on Hilary Clinton‘s growing cool: http://www.elle.com/Life-Love/Society-Career-Power/At-the-Pinnacle-of-Hillary-Clinton-s-Career I like the piece in general. Just have a problem with two sentences there: “Her solution, unsurpris­ingly, is to increase women’s participation.… Continue reading

Honduras a Punto de Criminalizar los Anticonceptivos

Por Juliana Jiménez Honduras está a punto de pasar una ley extrema que podría meter a la carcel a mujeres que hayan usado anticonceptivos — y a proposito, el mundo se está yendo a… Continue reading

Will 2012 be the “Year of the Woman”?

By Juliana Jiménez Progress is not inevitable, and the current political climate, the state of women in politics, and the war on women are all cases in point. Kathy Kleeman and Debbie Walsh from… Continue reading

Reader Appreciation Awards

Femination has been nominated for a Reader Appreciation Award! We thank Jueseppi B. from the Obamacrat blog for the nomination, and encourage you to visit his blog. By tradition, we will list six nominations… Continue reading

Secret Service Goes Sextouristing in Colombia

By Juliana Jiménez When President Obama arrived in Colombia this weekend for the Summit of the Americas, he was greeted with less-than-welcome news: Eleven Secret Service agents had been suspended and sent home for… Continue reading

The Vatican is Freaking Out Over Feminist Nuns

By Juliana Jimenez The NYT reports on the latest Vatican paranoia and subsequent attempts at silencing dissent: “the Vatican has appointed an American bishop to rein in the largest and most influential group of Catholic… Continue reading