Slate: The Most Important BuzzFeed Quiz of All Time

“The beauty of this quiz is that it normalizes the bloody corporeal mess that women everywhere experience but rarely talk about …. ‘How Metal Is Your Period?’ is like the best bodily fluid… Continue reading

El Erotismo Tiene Alma de Hembra

“El cristianismo le dio al erotismo su sabor de pecado y leyenda cuando dotó a la hembra humana de un alma.” –Simone de Beauvior

If it’s not a women’s magazine, it must be a men’s

I travel often. Hell, it’s my favorite thing in the whooole wide world. With this comes buying overpriced magazines to entertain me in waiting rooms. It’s when I feel all philanthropic and stuff… Continue reading

Flavorwire: “10 Girl Groups You Might Have Missed”

Good tunes and plenty of badassery to go around.  Favorite from the list:

Joss Whedon on Why He Writes Strong Women Characters

Via Upworthy: “Joss Whedon, director of “The Avengers” and [creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer], has a history of writing strong women characters. Back in 2006, the organization Equality Now honored him for… Continue reading

No, You Are Not Adam Lanza’s Mother

Originally posted on thursday:
Edit: a post subsequent to the response to this one can be found here. After this blog post was republished on Huffington Post, I thought it necessary to summarise…

Amazing Da Vinci Drawings of a Fetus in the Womb

By Juliana Jiménez Jaramillo These drawings by Leonardo Da Vinci of a fetus in the womb continue to amaze more than 500 years after he made them. They were made, with astonishing detail and care, with… Continue reading

Scientists Discover Children’s Cells Living in Mothers’ Brains

By Juliana Jiménez Jaramillo The connection between mother and child is physical and psychological, and may be even deeper than previously thought. According to Scientific American, “cells may migrate through the placenta between the… Continue reading

It’s OK to Talk About How Women Dress

By Juliana Jiménez Jaramillo The Atlantic Wire asks “is it defensible, in this day and age (day: Tuesday; age: the 21st century) for an established news organization to put forth a 3-page article on how newswomen… Continue reading

National Review: Hey, ladies! Romney’s a total rich guy alpha. Why aren’t you lining up for some of that?

Originally posted on man boobz:
National Review has delivered unto us a puckishly paleoconservative cover story with a very Redditesque headline: “Like a Boss.” Which is perhaps appropriate, in that the story that…