fear. no more.

what if we no longer feared fashion? what if we favored the fabulous? what if our bodies were more than lumps of flesh molded by those whose fears fashioned our anguish physically, mentally, and financially? 

it’s time for a revolution.

ours shall be political, societal, and ever more dynamic than the revolutions which began with abolition, suffrage, and temperance. 

this, the dusk of our self-destructiveness, the dawn of a new decade of defiance, self-definition, and glorious new empowerment, shall bring us together, aglow, in a fashion formed not from fear, but inner fabulousness. fight on. in femination.


we are more

we are more than the size of our frames we are more than the numbers behind each of our names we are more than the double digits on each and

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you didn’t know?

you didn’t know what i felt when that moment passed away you didn’t know what i felt when you kissed that last lonely tear the one that went astray you

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when i write (perhaps to heal)

when i write….….perhaps, to heal….i love…. the texture, the touch,the sensation,that….“feel”the gentle “click, click, click” of the keys…….the real deal is what i need.yes,thatenergythe intensity that amazing… ………….propensity ………….to measure……………..so

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