Middle Class(less)

What became of the middle class American Dream? What really ‘made America great’ in the first place? There once was a time in America when we all pulled together. There once was a safety net that allowed for bad luck

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we are more

we are more than the size of our frames we are more than the numbers behind each of our names we are more than the double digits on each and every scale we are more than our starkly startling ability

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very much alive

very much alive september 23, 2019 i haven’t felt dead inside for a very very very long time no i haven’t not really maybe sometimes maybe after an inner whine a cry a stolen kiss in the very nick of

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friday, march 27, 2009 – 11:45pm manicdepression manic depression in this moment i battle depression a darkness without reprieve a darkness without dawn a tension without release an anger directed inside a lethargy without acquittal a black hole without escape

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you didn’t know?

you didn’t know what i felt when that moment passed away you didn’t know what i felt when you kissed that last lonely tear the one that went astray you didn’t know what i felt when you lingered just a

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dear mum

WARNING: might be triggering with mentions of abuse, but they are not explicit in any way. Dear Mum, I don’t hate you. I really don’t. I know that you had a hard time.…a really hard time…Yes. I know this.I do.But, I hurt,

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