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El Femicidio y la Guerra Contra las Drogas

Por Juliana Jiménez Jaramillo La violencia contra las mujeres ha aumentado dramáticamente en la última decada en Latinoamérica, desde México, pasando por Colombia, hasta al sur en Argentina. En 2009, el abuso sexual en los buses… Continue reading

Femicide on the Rise in Latin America

By Juliana Jiménez Jaramillo Violence against women has been on the rise in the last decade in Latin America, from Mexico to Colombia, down south to Argentina. In 2009, sexual harassment on Mexico City buses was so… Continue reading

Secret Service Goes Sextouristing in Colombia

By Juliana Jiménez When President Obama arrived in Colombia this weekend for the Summit of the Americas, he was greeted with less-than-welcome news: Eleven Secret Service agents had been suspended and sent home for… Continue reading

America’s Greatest Export: Hooters, now in Colombia

By Juliana Jiménez Hooters, the trashy restaurant America hates to love, at long last, arrived in Colombia. And Florence Thomas, the French feminist active in Colombia, was there to chronicle her experience at… Continue reading

Colombian “Hooters” y Florence Thomas

Por Juliana Jiménez Florence Thomas, la famosa feminista Colombiana, visitó el nuevo Hooters en Bogotá, y escribió un artículo al respecto para Soho, una revista que disimula el empelotar mujeres por plata con… Continue reading

Street Harassment: Be a “Bitch”

By Juliana Jiménez I recently discovered the Hollaback Project, “a movement dedicated to ending street harassment using mobile technology.” Street harassment is a reality women face in varying degrees, depending on where in… Continue reading

Porque No Soporto el Día de la Mujer, o Todos los Días Son Días de la Mujer

Sí, sí, Feliz Día de la Mujer. Gracias por la buena intención, pero me parece condescendiente y voy a explicar por qué. El limitarse a apreciar, o simplemente notar, un grupo entero de… Continue reading

Women in India

By Andrea Alarcón I have been in northern India for about a week, traveling around with my mother. From now on, I will commence writing about my experiences as women traveling alone (after… Continue reading

But It’s Their Culture…

By Juliana Jiménez Many men are quick to get outraged by racism. It’s now considered common sense to at least oppose racism in theory, even when a lot of people remain unconsciously racist… Continue reading

Colombian Media and the Obsession with Beauty

By Andrea Alarcón It is easy to generalize on this topic, but I will just pick my battle with a small segment of the media today. I took some screenshots of several Colombian… Continue reading