wright to heal

ariana sexton-hughes february 1, 2018
each of us has the right to heal. i write to heal. i write to hope. i write to right the wrongs i did nothing to incite. in this age of #metoo, in this time for healing, writing to heal as never been more important. when we combine our right to heal with writing to heal, we find we are more than writers, we are wrights. craftspeople. technicians. we are engineers of a new and better destiny. this is our time to heal. our time to write. our time to be the wrights of all-too-many wrongs. wright to heal. don’t ever stop. ours is a world in desperate need of being righted. so FIGHT tell your truth find your strength WE HAVE A WRIGHT TO HEAL not for spite nor vengeance nor noteriety nor entertainment no. writing is our right. healing is our right. to wright is to own our might. right? © 2018 by ariana sexton-hughes, all rights reserved
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